A professional's brain is always trying to trick them into staying in their comfort zone.

A professional's brain is always trying to trick them into staying in their comfort zone.

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Your brain tells you that acquiring knowledge about growing your practice for a few hours, reading a book, or watching a video is an excellent way to prepare. Then, maybe study and read and maybe edit (if you are an attorney) the contract I sent you. That is comfortable.

The reality is that there's a difference between settling and growing. If you want to level up your practice, it automatically means you'll have to do something that feels uncomfortable.

It might feel like a considerable risk or inconvenience. Still, suppose you want to achieve greatness and get to the next level.

In that case, you must do things that make you feel uneasy or even just the slightest bit out of your comfort zone because having those uncanny feelings will allow you to grow by pushing yourself into new territory.

Doing what you have always done will keep you where you are.

Staying in your comfort zone may feel great, but being a bit uncomfortable will help you get to the next level!

Of course, staying in their comfort zone is the reason why many practice owners remain small.

However, you are doing the exact thing if you tell yourself that you are too busy anyway.

You neglect that many practice owners have a more impactful practice than yours - yet seem less busy. Have you not asked yourself why this is so?

Maybe they are doing something that you don't?

Would you not like to have more revenue, clout, more influence, more clients, and more impact while having more time?

If you do - then we may be a fit. I help practice owners like you to be uncomfortable.

Book 10-15 minutes on my calendar and let's get you outside of your zone of comfort. 


Joe Habscheid